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  Hawaii Island is one of the seven Hawaii Islands in the Pacific OceanIt is know as The Big Island.  
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  Best time to go - Look  for the best airline ticket price. Big  Island has a tropical   climate. You can expect heavy rain few times a day.
Bring what - It is enough if you have T-shirts, comfortable shoes, a rain jacket,
a hat and sunglasses, your camera, a good map, a tent and a positive attitude.
Where to stay - you can stay in a $$$ hotel or in a $$ room or at a $ camp +
a permit (read carefully all restrictions regarding hours and days).

                                                                        Map of Big Island     Weather Forecast                                                                                  

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One of the many Big Island's legends said, that long, long time ago a man named Koamokumokuoheeia moved from Kauai to the Big Island with his family. He began growing crops and needed water. Local people told him, that the only water available was in the caves. One day his son, Makalei was helping his father in  the  garden. He discovered a cave on their property and there was enough water, even  in the  dry  seasons. He  was  very
happy. He named the cave Makalei to consecrate  his son. Many years  later, there was a  sporting  event near the cave. One  of  the strangers was  challenge to find the water, under pressure of death. He was promised a beautiful wife if  he  was  able  to find some water. This stranger was, no  one else, but Makalei himself. He of course  was  able  to  find  the  water  in  his  father's old  cave. He  returned  to Kauai  with  a beautiful wife. 

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Daily Update                                                       

  You  will  arrive  either  to Kona or to Hilo. Rent a car at the airport (rental
car in advance, on line  save you money) and drive to Punalu'u Beach Park,
located on island‘s southeastern shore. It is a  black  sand beach. You may
stay here  for your first  night in Hawaii. In the middle of the night, you can
see turtles on  the beach. Singing birds will wake you up in the morning, so
  you can go early  to  visit
Volcanoes National Park, located 30 miles south-
  west  from  Hilo on Highway 11. 
The  Kilauea  Visitor Center  is  located on   Crater Rim Drive off of Highway 11. It is open daily 7:45 a. m. to 5:00 p.m.
  If you arrived  in Hawaii  in  the morning, first visit Volcanoes National Park
Then you can  go  to Punalu'u Beach to stay  overnight. Hawai'i  Volcanoes   National Park is open 24 hours a day, year-round. There is an entrance fee
  (check fee free days).
Be  prepared  for a rain  and wear  layersof clothing.   At  the  summit  of  the  volcano, temperatures  may  be 12 to 15 degrees  
than at sea level. Park is fee free on Martin Luther Jr, Day weekend,    Hawaiian      Volcano   Observatory     Open      House, Park     Week, Get 

                                              Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Weather                                                            
Outdoors  Day, Hawaiʻi  Volcanoes  National Park's 32nd Annual    
Cultural   Festival, National  Public  Lands  Day, Veterans     Day
weekend. To  avoid  the  crowds  come before 9 am. It is many
ways  to  explore  the  Volcanoes Park. You may driving around
portion  of  the  summit   caldera (Crater Rim Drive- 3 hours).
miss The Thurston Lana Tube. You will walk underground
a lava flew hundreds of years ago. If you plan stay in the
5 hours you can connect driving and short walks and hiking
through  the  rain  forest  and desert and additional explore the
Rift and coastal area of the Park via Chain of Craters Road.
Exploring the park on foot is really an incredible experience (day hikes, wilderness hikes, viewing active lava
flows). This  is
 unforgettable  experience  of safely  viewing  an  active lava flow. On the end of your trip to
Volcanoes Park you may drive to Hilo
to see this town and eat a dinner (good place to eat is in Ocean Sushi
Deli in Hilo at 239 Keawe St) and  then  relax at
 one  of the beaches, waiting for an amazing sunset. There
are two drive-in campgrounds, you may stay overnight
or come back to Punalu'u Beach, unless you’d like to 
Day Hiking Volcanoes Park                                                                
   go to Isaac Hale Beach Park, located 26 miles  from  Hilo. Next  day  drive
 see  the  powerful  and  a  photogenic Rainbow Falls, located  west of
 Downtown  Hilo  on  Waianuene  Avenue. It  is  open daily during daylight
It is  fee  free. This waterfall has an 80-foot drop. The legends say
   that the cave 
beneath the waterfall  was the home of Hina, mother of the
   demigod Maui. 
The best  time to visit is in the early morning. The rainbow
   can  be  seen  
arching  across the  fall. Drive  along the Wailuku River and
   you’ll  find  Peepee 
Falls. Take  a moment  and enjoy  the natural  beauty.
   From  Hilo  take  Highway 
19 towards  Waimea  and Kona. Turn left at the
   paved  Leopolino Rd, then  right 
after a  block at the next paved road (Old
   Mamalahoa  Highway) and  you  reach 
the Botanic Garden that exhibit the
   largest  variety  
of plants in  the state of Hawaii with thousands of species.
   It  is  open  daily from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 
There is  an entrance fee (look
   always  for special). Take 19 and  drive  north. 
3.6 miles  SW of  Honomu
   (end  of   Akaka  Falls  Road (Hwy. 220) is  gorgeous
Akaka Falls. You will
   have  a  pleasant  hike  trough the rain forest
that leads you to this 129 m 
falls. The park is open daily and is a small entrance fee, Hawaii residents get in free. Keep  driving! The  amazing  scenic drive takes you up to the highest point of Hawaii Mauna Kea (4.205 m above sea level). From October to April, there is a snow on the summit. You may  drive  to the 14,000-foot summit of Mauna Kea to view domes of the main observatory itself, but be aware there are  no  opportunities to " look through" the  telescopes  at  the summit, and
visitors are 
not allow at the summit after dark. The road up to the mountain can be very dangerous, particularly in a  bad  weather. You will  need  a  car
4x4 (unpaved 
road) or  you  may take a commercial tour. Vicinity of Waimea gives you a  chance  to  see "a little Switzerland " Then you may drive to the Spencer Beach to see a pretty sunset and stay there overnight (permit). The delicate ocean waves will lull, you to sleep. Singing birds will wake you up in the morning. Go to see the beauty of the undersea world  of  the  Big  Island
too. You may
scuba  dive  easily  with professional scuba diving team or  you
rent the equipment and dive with a friend. There is a good  spot  at  the Old Airport  Beach  (watch  out

  for the  slippery stones while  you  are  entering  water). A
numerous of pretty fish and  colorful reefs  amaze  you. On
the same day you may go to visit Captain Cook  Monument.
He visited the islands on January 18, 1778 and  name them
the "Sandwich  Islands" in  honor of  John Montagu IV Earl
of Sandwich, who was one of his sponsors at the First Lord
of the Admiralty. You may rent a  kayak or a canoe to go to
see the monument from the close distance (you need about   three  hours  for  the round  trip)Then you can eat a good   diner at 78- 6831 Alii Dr, Kona in Keauhou Shopping Center
in Kenichi Pacific (Japanese cuisine) 808 322 6400. At
the end of the day admire a pretty  sunset  at  the Spencer
Beach. Certainly worth a  visit  is  the Hilo Coffee Mill, located  between  the 12 & 13 mile  markers at 17-995 Volcano hwy on  the  left  side  of the highway if you are traveling from Hilo toward Volcanoes National Park. 
You learn here about  coffee  production  at  their  coffee  factory. At souvenir shop, you drink free, tasty coffee, buy  delicious macadamia nuts and Kona coffee with different flavors (Hazelnut Coffee, Toasted
Coconut  Coffee, Chocolate  Macadamia  Coffee, Vanilla  macadamia
Coffee  and  more. On your  last day on the island, on the way to the airport stop this time to see " Island Graffiti " that runs along hwy 19 from  Kona  to Kohala Coast. People  gather up white coral stones on the  beach  and  take  them to  roadside lava deposits where they write words  and  draw pictures. You can leave  your message too. If you’re not ready to fly back home yet. Fly to Maui Island, known as the pretties or to Kauai called the Garden
Island or to Oahu know as " The Gathering Place". Keep on travel!


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